Women of the Ages is a 12-month calendar created out of pure love for my tattoo shop back home in Crofton, Maryland. I wanted to create a series that allowed me to play dress up, get silly, build friendships in collaboration with some pretty tough ladies and especially, relive some pretty strange dreams I've had - all while exhibiting some of the great work done by our artists.

We made this baby grassroots. No budget, no corporate clients or publicist restrictions - just fun. All models were willing friends and clients gathered over time having been inked by our artists or pierced by me.

A whole 'lotta buying, returning and stitchin' together homemade wardrobe and makeup, fire-breathing cavelady BBQs, blue Jello stained fridges, borrowed accordions and backseats, decapitated staffers, laughing to tears while freezing to death in discount ball gags, etc.  

Most importantly and as always, I wanted my subjects to be immortalized and have an experience we'd remember someday when we're badass Grandmas rockin' on a porch somewhere. 

I look forward to collaborating with anyone that has a surreal dream or portrait scenario they'd love to revisit or have always wanted to physically see, but need help in visually recreating or elaborating on. The more bizarre the better.

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